Adventures with Willie

My life as a Springer Spaniel living at Moosehead Lake.

Location: Moosehead Lake, Maine

I'll be 12 years old in August. I live on a golf course overlooking Moosehead Lake. There's lots of places nearby to go play in the woods or swim.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rainbow Bridge

Willie went to play with Katie and his other friends at Rainbow Bridge in March of 2008. He started limping in November of 2007 and was diagnosed with advanced Lyme Disease (ticks were not common in our area at that time, he may have contracted the disease while I was in the hospital). His autoimmune system was compromised and he died of complications, here at home, with me, in March 2008. He was the best dog ever and I was lucky to be his human. I think of him every day.
I now have "Danny", another ESS who is 2 1/2 years old and tests positive for Lyme and suffers from seizures. He's a wonderful boy, a big cuddler and very affectionate.
Thanks to all of you for your comments.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm still here

Lots of things have happened since the last time my Mom had a chance to write in my blog. Mom's back was hurting her alot and we weren't able to have as much fun as we used to have. We did spend some time camping in the woods and a big bear ripped up our tent while we were gone for a couple days! Oh well, at least we weren't in it when it happened. But I would have protected my Mom, cause that's my job!
When Mom didn't get better after seeing the chiropractor she had to go to another place to have an MRI. After having the MRI and seeing another kind of doctor, Mom found out she has cancer. The kind of cancer she has is very serious and has spread throughout her body, she had to spend alot of time in the hospital and nursing home and I had to go stay with Aunt Barbara and her family for awhile. I liked living with Aunt Barbara at first because I got to play with Max and Stella and Hunter and we would go for rides and get ice cream. Aunt Barbara likes me with short hair so I went to the hair cutting lady several times, too. But I missed my Mom and after a while I didn't like sharing Aunt Barbara with anyone, even Uncle Tim. Even though they let me visit Mom in the hospitals, I just wasn't happy without her. Aunt Barbara had to take me back to our town and I stayed with Uncle Gordon until Mom was able to come home.
We finally got back to our house, just me, Mom and the birds. At last I was happy again. We had lots of visitors, especially my Nana Ruthie and her family, the visiting nurses and lots of other people who came to check on Mom and help her do stuff and take her shopping and that kind of people stuff. Mom had to walk using a funny thing with broken tennis balls on its legs, but I was just happy that we were home again.
Things are mostly back to normal now. We are using Uncle Freds jeep for the winter so I get to go for rides with Mom in that, now that she can drive again. Mom doesn't work anymore so we spend almost all of our time together. She helps with a kids skiing program and I even get to go watch the kids playing in the snow. I even go to the hospital with Mom when she has her treatments and appointments. I heard some of the people say that Mom is doing great and has been through alot. She acts like Mom to me, only a little slower, and we're spending alot more time together than ever before, so that makes me happy.
A while back I realized that I couldn't hear Mom calling me unless she yelled really loudly or whistled to me. At first I was always in trouble for not coming when she called. She didn't realize that I couldn't hear her. These days I can't hear much of anything at all. I can't hear people close the door when they come in and most of the time I can't hear the train go by our house. Mom gives me hand signals like she did when I was first learning to hunt birds and I can read her lips, too. I always know when she says "I love you" along with the other things she says to me all the time. It's not that bad being deaf, although I do miss the sounds of the squirrels chirping away in the woods. Mom says she's going to buy a whistle so that maybe I can hear her better when we're out in the woods. I'm not allowed to go anywhere by myself anymore. She says she's afraid I won't hear something thats going to harm me if I'm out running alone.
Spring is coming and hopefully me and Mom will have a very fun summer playing in the woods. Mom is happy that she doesn't have to see the doctor again until the end of May. We're both hoping that Uncle Randy will buy a boat so we can go out for boat rides in the evening, that would be good fun for all of us.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Very Sad News

Mom and I were really upset to hear that 92 English Springer Spaniels were taken from a home in Dover Foxcroft. They weren't being fed and watered properly and a couple of dogs had already died. We saw pictures on tv and in the newspaper and they were beautiful puppies and full grown dogs. They have been placed in several shelters throughout Maine, but it will be awhile before they will be able to go to new homes since they need to be checked for diseases. We hope that homes can be found for them. Bangor Daily News Article. I hope this link works.

Mom's been on vacation

My mom has been on Vacation for almost a month now. She's been doing lots of things with her friends. We go to the gym almost every morning, too. We cleaned the deck and my yard and have made two trips to the dump in the big truck. We went to Bangor one time, too. I got to have a cheeseburger at McDonalds. We've gone for some walks, but it's been awfully muddy and there's still snow in the woods. Mom is buying back our old camper from Bill (he took care of me when Mom and Randy were in Boston last spring). I had lots of fun in that camper when Kate and I used to go to the races and the Fryeburg Fair. It will be fun to have it back. We are going away this week to visit our friends The Mahoneys. Next week Mom has to go back to work and I'll be home alone alot again.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

This is the Landing where Mom wants to put some things for Walter. This picture was taken when Mom was very little. The pole and benches are no longer there and the dock needs work. We live across the lake from here, at the base of the big mountain. We can see the Landing from our living room. Posted by Hello

Fun, Fun, Fun

Mom and I went for a walk on the lake yesterday. I got to run, run,run! I went all the way to the point, but Mom just went about half way. She hurt her back a little when she went snowmobiling with Pudgy and Shirley on Tuesday. I got to eat some snow and check out some fish houses. The snow is pretty soft so I had to stay on the snowmobile trails or it was tough going. I took a long nap (after having some biscuits) when we got home. Mom is excited about something she is working on for Walter. She wants to put a new flag pole, a couple benches and some flowers at the Landing at the Highlands where Walter and Merry have a camp, and where Mom grew up as a kid. Aunt Linda and Uncle Noel still have a camp there too. She wants to put a plaque on the pole remembering Walter. Walter owned the water company that supplies all the homes and camps at the Highlands and everyone there knew him and loved him alot. She's going to start raising the money soon, so work can start as soon as the snow melts. Mom sure does smell funny since she hurt her back. She said it was because of somebody named Ben Gay. I guess I don't know who that is.

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Big Snowstorm

Mom finally got around to posting the pictures from the big snowstorm. She's been busy going to work and going skiing on her days off. Mom says it's spring and soon we'll be able to go for long walks. I'm ready!!!

It was even hard to get to the car! Posted by Hello

It was hard getting out of the house! Posted by Hello

The snowbanks are way over my head! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This is a picture of me and Walter when I was about 8 months old. He used to let me wear his hats! Posted by Hello

My friend Walter

Mom and I are very sad this week. Our good friend Walter passed away. I've known Walter since I was just a little puppy. My Mom grew up across the street from Walter's Aunt a long time ago and then she became friends with him and his wife when they moved to town a few years back. Mom, Dad and Walter used to go on business trips and let me go with them. We always had fun! Walter has a dog named Schaefer and we used to play together sometimes. He liked to bark! Walter used to help Mom around the restaurant, she says he was very smart and could fix anything. Mom says everyone is going to miss Walter very, very much. I know I will.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February 23, 2005

Last night I got to ride in the car with Mom to go get pizza. I love when we have pizza because I get to eat the pizza bones (crusts). Yum! When we got to town Mom said we had a flat tire, whatever that is. I guess it's not a good thing though. We went to the gas station and put some air in the tire and Mom said she'd hope that would work til we could go to Daigle's Garage in the morning. I guess it did because she's not in a hurry to go anywhere yet. My neighbor just left on his snowmobile to go ice fishing. Wish I could have gone with him. I rode on the snowmobile one time for 13 miles when I was younger. All the way down the lake from Lily Bay. Mom said it wasn't good for my eyes. Another time Kate and I got to ride in the sled thing that gets towed behind the snowmobile, that was fun too. Last year Pete and Joel were ice fishing in front of our house so Mom and I walked out to see them. They gave me pistachio's. I liked them! I hope they come fishing again this winter so I can go visit them. I'm going to have a little nap now and wait to see what Mom has planned for the morning. She has to work tonight, usually she doesn't work on Wednesdays, but this is Vacation Week and she has to work.

This is me when I was a puppy. Posted by Hello